Mr ForgetfulMr Forgetful Mr Men Book
Number 14

Where does he live?
Forget-Me-Not Cottage (Happyland?)

Mr Forgetful forgets everything and anything! When he wakes up, he tries to remember his dreams and of course cannot. He walks into his wardrobe instead of out the bathroom and always has burnt toast for breakfast!

He found an old letter that he meant to post three weeks ago, and went to buy a stamp at the post office for it. By the time he got there, he had forgotten what he needed, but Mrs Parcel reminded him that he needed a stamp! Mr Forgetful was asked by the village policeman to deliver the message, "There's a sheep loose in the lane", to Farmer Fields, but he got confused and told him, "There a goose asleep in the rain!"

Mr Forgetful Facts:
• He has burnt toast and hard boiled eggs for breakfast every day.
• Everyone around Happyland is used to Mr Forgetful and knows that he cant remember anything.
• When he sat down to think about his day, he couldn't remember what had happened at all!

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